On Saturday, October 18, 2003, at 04:29 PM, Danny Pansters wrote:

What's that? you mount a mirror onto /, /var, and so on. Your old ("single plex") vinum volumes have to be unmounted to mount the newly made mirror. I have the feeling you don't quite get the terminology. You may need to go into SU mode at the console.

This wasn't the case on my 4.8-RELEASE dual Xeon testbed server here next to me. Since this is a remote box I'm working on, I made sure that I could create the new plexes in multi-user mode, remotely. Also, no where in the numerous documents relating to Vinum does it state a volume needs to be unmounted to add a plex to it.

As I mentioned in a previous email, no matter what I put on drive "beta" it will crash on restart. I can add plexes to volumes and mirror from "alpha" without a problem, only to lose it all upon rebooting. I tried just creating a single volume whose plex resided on "beta" exclusively, and like the plexes before it, it ran fine only to "crash" after rebooting.

Why does everything on "beta" work fine but crash on reboot?


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