I'm trying to use burncd to write an ISO to a blank disc.  The discs are
all fine, etc. and this is a new DVD drive (writes DVDs and CDs), so I'm
guessing that is the problem.

  A simple output is as follows:

[EMAIL PROTECTED] /mnt/packages/unix/isos/hurd > sudo burncd -s max -f
/dev/acd0 data disc1.iso fixate
next writeable LBA 0
writing from file disc1.iso size 646272 KB
written this track 832 KB (0%) total 832 KB
only wrote -1 of 32768 bytes: Device busy

fixating CD, please wait..
[EMAIL PROTECTED] /mnt/packages/unix/isos/hurd >

  This leaves me a bit annoyed but with a shiny new mat for my glass.
Problem is I have quite a collection now and I'll have to start handing
them out to my friends soon.

  I'm wondering if it's because the drive doesn't have BurnProof (or
similar)?  It's a fairly hi-spec machine (XP2800) and the CPU usage at
the time was around 4%.

  Any ideas?


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