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> I dont want to get into why I had to do a reinstall but I did. Now
> that I have mplayer installed and xmms installed I can play cds on
> xmms but can't play streaming audio from live365.com *anymore*. I use
> to be able to play them. Which was yesterday. I can play videos in
> mplayer but I don't have any sound. What is goin on? I never had this
> problem before. All I had to do was configure sound in kernel and
> boom. I was all set. Wouldn't mind some help here.
Sorry I didn't add this before.
I don't get any errors from mplayer but when I go to play streaming
video from live365.com in xmms I get the 

Please check that
1. You have the correct output plugin selected. Only two and I'm sure
it's not diskwriter I should use.
2. No other programs is blocking the soundcard. NOTHING loading the is
playing audio.
3. Your soundcard is configured properly. lmao.. ya think?

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