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> Subject: Re: Windows XP and FreeBSD 4.4 on the same hard drive
> On Tuesday 14 October 2003 04:48 pm, Walt Haynes wrote:
> >     I am currently running Windows XP Professional on a HP
> Pavilion with a
> > 27.95GB hard drive which I've partitioned with FDISK. Windows is in the
> > primary DOS partition (about 7GB)  on disk drive C and the extended DOS
> > partition had three logical drives (D, E, and F) defined in it; they are
> > 7.3GB, 7.3GB, and 6.3GB respectively. I want to create my FreeBSD
> > environment in the first logical drive (D). I know the starting
> and ending
> > sector numbers so that I won't overwrite any data already on the drive.
> > Does this sound reasonable ? And will I be able to install
> FreeBSD's boot
> > manager to give me a choice of which OS I want to come up ? I'd
> really like
> > to do this right the first time.
> It been quit some time since I've used 4.4 or installed FreeBSD with DOS
> partitions that existed, so someone can correct me if I am mistaken. As
> memory serves me you can install FreeBSD into a extended DOS partition.
> I would delete the partition that you want FreeBSD to be in. Then
> when you
> install FreeBSD let it take care of the formating for you.
> Otherwise, you should have no problem.
This is bad information. If you dont want to kill your logical
drives, dont delete them. Windows places all extended drives in one
extended partition. (FDISK wont let you choose otherwise).

It is my opinion that you obtain a copy of some partition movement
utilities such as Partition Magic. (even though it runs in Windows/DOS
only) you should still be able to use it. You can then resize your
partitions and make room for a FreeBSD slice.

* Positive not for Partition magic: You can create "Emergency Disks"
that are bootable. So having DOS/Windows installed is not a requirement.

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