>    hello, I would like to ask how can I setup my FreeBSD with a router. I
>    am new to UNIX world and I hope you can help me. Should I set the
>    PPPoE in /etc/ppp/ppp.conf file? I am using an ADSL Broadband
>    Connection. I am using Aztech ADSL 1100R Modem + Router with 4 ports.
>    I have 2 PC and the other one is using Windows XP, and my computer, I
>    am using FreeBSD. I hope you can help me. Thanks


You'll probably want to have a read of the manual - theres lots of info on
there for setting up things like this.

Also try looking through google (www.google.com/bsd) for anything your stuck
on, that will usually find most problems.

Good luck!


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