In fact, I founded this directory for the same reasons which you've probably found 
frustrating-a lack of internet traffic.  We all know that when we're not on one of the 
top three or four search engine pages, we're out of the loop.

We noticed a few months ago that the search engines are moving away from keywords and 
metatags as a source of indexing.  We wondered what they knew that we didn't!  

After we studied the drift of the big engines, we came up with a two-pronged solution 
for anyone who wants more traffic to their site:
1)      Netword
2)      A Business-specific Directory

Netword is the future of the Internet when it comes to global and regional searches.  
The good news is that we've bought the Networds which are exclusive to  your industry 
to build a giant Directory, with specific sub-categories, so that you are at the Top 
of your Business category, rather than buried on page 50.

The other good news is that Netword is just now reaching its exponential growth 
phase…this means that you're in a position to guarantee your future Placement on 
Internet searches which pertain to your industry-i.e. at the Top of Your Category in 
your Business Domain as Networds propagate globally throughout the Internet universe.

Take a look at our Directory at  

If you like what you see, either check the Advertise Here page (button on the left 
menu) or send us an e-mail via the Contact Us page on the Directory site.

You'll be guaranteeing your placement on an Industry-exclusive directory that is 
simply going to continue growing in the future.


J Hook
Director:  Gateway for Strategic Performance and Growth 

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