"Jason L. Schwab" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>       I have a machine with several ip addresses where users run alot of
>       different services, and I am wondeirng if anyone knows a way or
>       some recommended software than can monitor the inbound and
>       outbound bandwidth usage per ip-address.
>       I have SNMPd and MRTG setup, but that just does the entire machine
>       as a whole, which is useful also, but I need to know per ip, as
>       its one ip per customer for the bigger users, and there the ones
>       I need to know, so I can doing billing, etc, etc.
>       Let me know you folks thoughts, thanks very much!

I've never done any of this sort of thing, but
wouldn't, e.g., mrtg be able to handle this fine 
just by diverting each address of interest over a 
separate divert socket?  It doesn't scale well,
of course...
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