"Brent Bailey" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> After i started my
> make buildworld
> while it was building .. i noticed that the kernel sysctl was set to
> sysctl -w kern.securelevel=2

That's fine.

> i tried set it back to 0 or -1 ..but it wouldnt let me.

Right.  That's the point of securelevels.  If it could be changed
without rebooting, it wouldn't be much use for security.

> is it safe to reboot the system with the sysctl -w kern.securelevel
> variable  set to -1 ..AFTER the OS has just done a make buildworld ? and
> then just pickup where i left off ??

The buildworld should work fine in raised securelevels.  Installing
(kernels or the rest of the "world") won't, but that's one of the
reasons you usually want to do those things in single-user mode.  It's
quite acceptable (and common) to do the buildworld with the high
securelevel and then reboot to continue with the installation.
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