Hey all- this is something I've looked for a good solution for for some time, and I'm sure someone else has already worked out. Any ideas appreciated.

The scenario:
I have entirely too many email addresses, several of which from domains that are mine, but others that are not mine, but am
unable to get rid of entirely.

My freeBSD system is going to become a mail server among other things, to handle mail for several of my own domains. Not
a big deal there, have done that enough times...however:

I'd like to also pull email from the mail accounts which are _not_ mine, so I can simply use IMAP to my mail server to access all
of my different accounts email.

In the past, I've used fetchmail to accomplish this somewhat, but that was on a per user basis via user cron jobs. I'd rather avoid adding user accounts (at the shell/system level) for each email account I have.

Does anyone know of an alternative way to do this, that would work well for say, a dozen accounts for multiple domains of my own, and perhaps another dozen accounts from domains that are not my own?

Thanks in advance,


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