Hello all, 

  I was hoping to get some insight into what could be causing these issues.
Any thing you can do to help is appreciated. Here is the situation: 

  I have an asus A7M-266D with dual athalon MP 1800+  and 1.5G of DDR 2100
RAM.  The machine has 3 120GIG IDE drives, one floppy and one CD drive.
Drives are western digital. The kernel is compiled for SMP and the release
is FREEBSD-5.1-RELEASE although sources were current till about June at
which time I moved and did not do much to system.  Now I have gotten the
system out of storage and set it up .. it runs fine but I have recently
tried to cvsup then recompile world and I get: 

lapic.id = 00000000

  It seems like a random error in that it sometimes does it in 2 minutes and
other times it will go for almost 10 minutes.  Once it happens, the machine
reboots.  I originally thought this could be due to heat from processors so
I took measures to reduce heat.  There are currently 2 fans pushing air into
the case and 3 fans plus 1 blower pulling air out of the case.  Each CPU has
a new amd cpu fan with bearings and the temp is well within the limits of
normal operation.   I am at a loss for this and was wondering if anyone had
any ideas on ways to fix / mitigate.  

please respond directly as I am not on the mailing list.

many thanks 

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