I do cd to  /usr/ports/www/mozilla-firebird and these port does not exist
 I can do cvsup due to restrictions on my FIREWALL

Do you have the ports collection (the /usr/ports directory and contents)
in your version of 5.1-RELEASE?  If so, you can cd to
/usr/ports/www/mozilla-firebird and type 'make install clean' (no
quotes).  That should get you version 0.6, I believe.

Why are you unable to cvsup?  If it is because you don't have the cvsup
application installed, see if you can download and install the package
for it (I'd recommend choosing the cvsup-without-gui package; you can
also install cvsup using the port, but that takes a very long time
downloading, compiling and installing Modula-3).  Once you have cvsup
installed, you can use it to install/update the ports collection.  If you
cannot use cvsup for some other reason, you might try FTP-ing the latest
ports collection.  (Since I am behind a firewall without FTP access ATM,
can someone tell us whether there is an FTP-able ports collection with
version 0.7 of Mozilla-Firebird?)


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