> > "Frederick Bowes" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> >
> >> I was hoping to try out FreeBSD on an old machine I have been given
> >> (Pentium 120, 514MB HD, 8mb ram) and it reboots after loading the 
> >> mfsroot
> >> floppy disk. You insert the disk, it goes /|\|/ for a while then 
> >> reboots.
> >>
> >> What might cause this problem?

I just had the same problem installing 5.1 on an intel D865GL motherboard with
2.4 celeron, two maxtor 120gb 133 hard drives with 133 adapter, 512 ecc
ram(should be non-ecc I think).  The floppy's didn't seem to have the bus
driver I needed so I used the 5.1 CD to set up.  User directories are on
separate drive.  I have had no problems for five days now.

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