"Sweetleaf" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> 1. Make world..... is it really necessary to follow this step?
> 21.4.2 Check /etc/make.conf

That step doesn't require you to actually change anything, so
obviously it's not really required.  Most people find it worth doing
for efficiency reasons, if nothing else, but it will certainly work in
any case.

> 2. If i update my src and ports via cvs, run make world and then install
> the binaries does this affect currently installed apps?

No.  If you want to rebuild those too, you'll need to do so separately.

> 3. rebuilding the kernel.  The handbook shows how to go into single user
> mode to run make world which works very well for me as the speed gained
> is a great increase. Is it ok to compile the kernel in this mode to or
> does the system need to be in multi-user mode? If its ok i think i would
> compile all my src from now on in single user mode if this is acceptable.
> Also is it ok to compile the kernel and other src with the -j4 option on
> a single proc. machine or is this only for buildworld?

For both questions, the answer is that it should be fine either way.
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