> Hello,
> I followed this doc to install my firewall. Upon reboot I get 
> about 12 lines
> more or less like this:
> ipfw: size mismatch (have 176 need......)
> It also says that dev tun0 doesn't exist.
Does the tun0 device exist after boot?
If so, I have faced a similar problem in the past. 

However, I did have some people at a SeaFUG (now SeaBUG) meeting
come up with a solution. I basically had to open the tun0 port
before ipfw got started. I can past in the examples if you need
them. (if you have tun0 after boot)

And allthough dmesg showed several errors, the firewall did work
as expected. I, perhaps like you, dont like looking at errors.

> How do I correct this.
Do you have "pseudo-device tun" in your kernel config file? Is
it remmed out?

I am not sure if GENERIC has it or not.

> j
> hullATmonisys.ca

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