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> * Paul Murphy:
> >  I _can_ read/write to  it as root, but I would really  like to use
> >  it
> > as a non-root user. Any thoughts as to why this is happening?
> See FreeBSD  FAQ[1].  Also, in /etc/fstab  you may adjust the  mode,
> see below -m700 for msdos filesystem:
> /dev/da0s1 /mnt/usbkey msdos rw,-m700,noauto 0 0

device "Flash Drive"
        devname "umass0"
        vendor 0x0ea0
        product 0x2168
        release 0x0200
        attach "/sbin/mount /flash_drive"

/dev/da0s1      /flash_drive    msdos   rw,-m775,noauto 0       0

mounted permisions:
d---------    1 root  wheel    22016 Dec 31  1979 flash_drive

cd to /flash_drive as non-root user:
flash_drive: Permission denied.

vfs.usermount: 1

(Mounting is no problem, usbd does that for me. It's _how_ it's mounted
that is the problem)

 As a side note, the device has a little slider that is supposed to lock
the drive from being written to. Does FreeBSD honour this? Is this a 
software or hardware lock?
 I'm pretty sure in the above case it is in the unlock position.

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