I'm having all kinds of trouble trying to get things
set up to see my website on the Internet. I know
people like to claim to be newbies, but I actually am.

My machine (ethernet card) IP is and
I'm serving on port 8080. I can bring up the site no
problem on my LAN-, but
not outside.

My ISP is earthlink and it's a dynamic IP account.
Right now the WAN IP is: Trying doesn't work. I've opened
the port, 8080, on the router.

What should I look at to solve this? I have
unsuccessfully scoured the complete freebsd book,
handbook, and archives. But haven't found anything to
address this specific problem yet, although it seems
straightforward. If you think I don't understand
networks exactly, you are correct; but it's not for
lack of trying.

Thanks for help,

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