> Well, there's no law that says you *have* to use the ports system, but
> it's pretty strange not to take advantage of something so good...
> There are pre-compiled packages available, but these generally don't
> track the latest upstream updates to the ported software very
> efficiently.  The ports tree does: updates to popular packages like
> apache generally go into the ports tree within a day or so of them
> being published.
> Rather than installing the ports and system sources by downloading
> tarballs from the FTP sites, there are arguments in favour of
> installing by running cvsup(1) to populate an empty directory.

Sorry, what i was saying is that instead of installing the PORTS from the
cd I was downloading the latest and greatest ports Tarball from the
www.freebsd.org/ports site.  Not the fact that I don't use them..  But
thank you for the valuable info.  I will put it in my book so I can
remember to use it tonight.
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