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> On Tuesday 21 October 2003 17:26, Henrik W Lund wrote:
> > ...but not necessarily in relation to one another. ;-)
> >
> > This is my second go at FreeBSD, and it's my umpteenth one with UNIXes in
> > general. Having done my share of Linux (with one recent battle being
> > setting up a web/mail/NFS/NIS/Samba server for a school project. *puh* I
> > thought I knew what frustration was, but boy was I wrong!), I've moved
> onto
> > FreeBSD because - well, I think it's easier to set up, and you don't have
> > to relate to several different versions of the same OS. Now, onto my
> > questions:
> >
> > 1. I have installed onto a laptop computer, with a USB mouse and a
> > touchpad. Now, up until very recently, the USB mouse worked fine when I
> > inserted it and took it out while the system was on, and the console
> output
> > showed usbd doing its thing. However, the other day this stopped working,
> > and I now have to have the USB mouse inserted at startup for it to
> function
> > at all. This is, of course, no biggie, but it kinda defeats the purpose of
> > the whole USB thing, doesn't it? The touchpad, however, works perfectly,
> > always.
> I think you don't have "usbd" running.
> Check if you have usbd_enable="YES" in /etc/rc.conf
That's the weird bit. It's running just fine. It just doesn't react when I plug
in my mouse. It worked fine up until a couple of days ago. The one major change
I did to my system at the time was compile soundcard support into the kernel,
but I left all the USB drivers untouched. The device node is still present in
/dev, so this one has me boggled. It's not that the mouse doesn't work at all,
it's just that it doesn't work as a USB mouse. :-/

> > 2. I have one built-in NIC and a Wireless NIC, both of which work
> > perfectly, the way they're supposed to. Now, my beef is that the Wireless
> > NIC is used for home, and gets IP via DHCP from my router. The built-in
> > is used for school, must have IP assigned manually (from rc.conf), and has
> > a totally different IP range that my network at home. This, of course,
> > leads to mayhem when the default route is to be established. If I enter
> the
> > gateway at school statically, my laptop gets online at school, but not at
> > home. If I don't, my laptop gets online at home, but I have to manually
> > "route add default etc" everytime I want to go online at school. Is there
> a
> > tidy way to do this automatically? One default route per NIC, for
> instance?
> You could create a script that checks every X-seconds if the network card is
> connected. If the status goes to "active", add your schools gateway. If the 
> status goes to "no carrier", change to your wireless gateway.
> (you can get the status from ifconfig)
> grtz,
> Daan  
I'll try that. Might as well learn some scripting as well. ;-) Thanks!


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