Hi list,

I'm trying to use a combination of two AST-4-Port ISA
serial cards with one MOXA 8-Port serial PCI card...
no luck so far. Both AST cards and the 2 onboard ports
work fine, only the MOXA PCI card ports refuse to work:

 cu -l cuaa10
 cu: open (/dev/cuaa10): Device not configured
 cu: cuaa10: Line in use

If anyone has something like this in use, please give me
a hint.

The system is freebsd 4.9-RC2 and has the following kernel
config options:

# Serial (COM) ports
device          sio0    at isa? port IO_COM1 flags 0x10 irq 4
device          sio1    at isa? port IO_COM2 irq 3

options         COM_MULTIPORT           # code for some cards with shared IRQs
#-- AST-4-Port-01
device          sio2    at isa? port 0x2a0 flags 0x501
device          sio3    at isa? port 0x2a8 flags 0x501
device          sio4    at isa? port 0x2b0 flags 0x501
device          sio5    at isa? port 0x2b8 flags 0x501 irq 5
#-- AST-4-Port-02
device          sio6    at isa? port 0x1a0 flags 0x901
device          sio7    at isa? port 0x1a8 flags 0x901
device          sio8    at isa? port 0x1b0 flags 0x901
device          sio9    at isa? port 0x1b8 flags 0x901 irq 7

#-- Moxa C168H/PCI Smartio
device          puc

The dmesg output looks like this (reduced to the sio stuff):
puc0: <Moxa Technologies, C168H/PCI> 
      port 0xb400-0xb40f,0xb800-0xb83f,0xd000-0xd07f 
      irq 12 at device 9.0 on pci0

sio10: type 16550A
sio11: type 16550A
sio12: type 16550A
sio13: type 16550A
sio14: type 16550A
sio15: type 16550A
sio16: type 16550A
sio17: type 16550A

sio0 at port 0x3f8-0x3ff irq 4 flags 0x10 on isa0
sio0: type 16550A
sio1 at port 0x2f8-0x2ff irq 3 on isa0
sio1: type 16550A
sio2 at port 0x2a0-0x2a7 flags 0x501 on isa0
sio2: type 16450 (multiport)
sio3 at port 0x2a8-0x2af flags 0x501 on isa0
sio3: type 16450 (multiport)
sio4 at port 0x2b0-0x2b7 flags 0x501 on isa0
sio4: type 16450 (multiport)
sio5 at port 0x2b8-0x2bf irq 5 flags 0x501 on isa0
sio5: type 16450 (multiport master)
sio6 at port 0x1a0-0x1a7 flags 0x901 on isa0
sio6: type 16450 (multiport)
sio7 at port 0x1a8-0x1af flags 0x901 on isa0
sio7: type 16450 (multiport)
sio8 at port 0x1b0-0x1b7 flags 0x901 on isa0
sio8: type 16450 (multiport)
sio9 at port 0x1b8-0x1bf irq 7 flags 0x901 on isa0
sio9: type 16450 (multiport master)

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