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Heinrich Rebehn <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

Is it possible to automatically mount media when they are inserted?
From the GNOME 2.4 documentation (Nautilus, 1.8.1:To mount Media):

If your system is not configured to mount the device automatically,
you must mount the device manually. Right-click on the desktop, then
choose Disks->device-name. For example, to mount a floppy diskette,
choose Disks->Floppy. An object that represents the media is added to
the desktop.

So, how can i configure FreeBSD to mount the device automatically?


Yes. Although it does not provide automatic mounting upon insertion of the disk (like windows does), it would be a solution.
Unfortunately "man amd" does not say anything about the format of the map for a local device and i was unable to find anything in /usr/share/examples. Can anyone give me an example?

Unfortunately, the GNOME way to manually mount media via an entry in
/etc/fstab does not work under FreeBSD since the mountpoint must be
owned by the user, which is difficult to configure for a multiuser

No, it's not.  You can either have each user have a mountpoint in
their own home directory, or you can use a common mountpoint which
gets forced to the ownership of the user in the login procedure
(typically via fbtab(5) or the XFree86 login, e.g. xdm's GiveConsole
script).  You have to be careful with security, but it's not very
different from letting ordinary users mount media in the first place.
Thanks for these hints.


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