Eric Pogroski <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> here's whats needed:
> <presuming a full, multiuser system is running>
> # shutdown now
> # <hit return at the prompt for 'sh'> (csh & tcsh both go fubar in
> single-user mode) <at this point, all of the filesystems are
> still mounted> 
> # passwd root <--- this is important - lost one system by NOT doing
> this
> # exit        -or-    reboot  <--- I prefer a reboot, but that's me.

Oh, right; we're only trying to change the root password here.  That's
not actually affected by securelevel at all, so that was a red herring
for me to bring up securelevel in the first place.

> work's about 9 times out of 10. It's the tenth one that makes you bald
> from frustration... :)

You need the ability to invoke shutdown.  Since you don't have the
root password, you need some other account with either root (via sudo,
for example) or operator-group access.
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