For instance you have partition "e" with size=3142987 and offset
5242880, but the var volume uses sd len 3142987s driveoffset 524864s
drive rootdev. Why is it necessary for each subdisk to be 16 lower
then the partition it will be mapping?

Take /var for example. It's on partition e, which starts at offset
5242880 from the beginning of the disk. The subdisk starts at offset
5242864 from the beginning of the drive. The drive starts at offset
16 from the beginning of the disk, so the subdisk starts at 5242880
from the beginning of the disk.

Thanks for clarifying the difference between disk vs drive. That's the part I didn't understand well enough. I used those 16 subdisk offsets in my vinum config file, just didn't understand why they were there for all the subdisks. Now I do.


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