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> On Wed, Oct 22, 2003 at 08:17:50AM -0500, Charles Howse wrote:
> > Here's an interesting anniversary from my daily calendar report...
> > 
> > History:
> > Oct 23      Battle of Leyte Gulf begins, 1944
> > Oct 23      Day of the 1956 revolution in Hungary
> > Oct 23      Earth created at 6:30 AM, 4004BC.
> > ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> > Oct 23      Swallows leave Capistrano
> > 
> > Music:
> > Oct 22      Franz Liszt born, 1811
> > 
> > Thanks,
> > Charles
> > 
> Yes, there was this Irish bishop in the 17th century and based on the
> ages
> of the Prophets he figured out that that was the date and time the earth
> was created. I guess that the Irish had not invented whiskey yet or they
> would not had so much time for such foolishness.
> Josef

Not to drag this discussion further off topic, but in the 15th century,
the Jewish Kabbalists living in Spain using their methods of
interpretation of the Torah, calculated the age of the universe to be 15
billion years old.  Which, interestingly enough is relatively close to
current scientific estimates of 13 billion.  As I recall, they also
estimated the age of the earth to 5 or 6 billion, which is also relatively
close to current scientific theory.  

Not bad, considering this was all done before Columbus sailed to the New
World (which was when the Jews were expelled from Spain).

MFC: (mandatory FBSD content) if I fubared my /etc/adduser.conf, can I
blow it away and have adduser just recreate it, or must I edit the file
and make corrections?


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