Bryan Cassidy ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) a écrit:
> I've read through the man page for xlockmore and xautolock and cant
> figure out (must be over looking it or something) but can't figure out
> how to setup a .rc file for the two and how to setup xlockmore to
> interact with xautolock.. So any help would be apprecited even if its
> from the man page it's self. i dont mind to read. Must be over looking
> it or something.


If you put this line in a startup script like ~/.xsession or ~/.xinitrc 

xautolock -time 5 -locker "xlock" 

xlock will be automatically launch after five minutes of inactivity. «man
xautolock» and «man xlock» to configure xlock and xautolock exactly like

Note: it's absolutely not FreeBSD specific.

Hope it help.

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