Kris Kennaway writes:
Most forms of support provided by the FreeBSD Project are on an ad-hoc
basis, since it's a community-supported project.

Typically, old releases do not get bug fixes beyond security fixes
(for a limited lifetime, see, so bug
reports against old releases are usually dealt with by asking the
originator to upgrade to the latest release to verify whether the
problem still exists, at which point an interested developer might be
able to address the problem.

A similar situation exists with the ports collection. It is not
guaranteed to work with old releases, and updated packages are only
provided for the head of the -STABLE branch.


Thanks Kris.

It's a pity that Cyclades are so focussed on Linux that they are ignoring BSD... The fact that I have more than 10 of their devices (and I'm sure there must be many more in the field on BSD platforms) does not seem to concern them.

One day when I'm big I'll learn some C and try including the if_cpc driver into the source tree.

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