3ware is the way to go in my experience. They work really well under FreeBSD, Windows and Linux. The FreeBSD drivers were originally written by Mike Smith and Paul Saab is now maintaining them. They are not overly fancy in FreeBSD but they do what they are designed to do. I have used them extensively in RAID0, 1 and 10. RAID 5 is slow, but thats more RAID5 than anything. Also RAID 1 seems to be very intelligent about reads, using both drives to give better read performance as compared to the stats with just one drive. Writes on RAID 1 are not penalized at all.


At 09:42 AM 23/10/2003, Mathieu Arnold wrote:

I'm in a need of such a card, but I can't find out which cards are only
doing raid under windows with specific drivers, and which cards are doing
real hard raid.

Mathieu Arnold

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