I've got Apache running on 4 stable. The server started out with one
network card plugged into our privet network. We could get to the
website on the server just fine. 

Here is what we want

1. access from the outside
2. some websites will be internal and others will be public

Here is my quick solution
1. Added a second network card to the server
2. connected the network card to the outside of the network
3. tired to connect to the website on the new IP address
4. Got nothing
5. Added a virtual server that listened on the new address but got

I've looked at the Apache config file and there is a place to put in an
IP address but I left that alone. As fare as I can tell it's listening
to all addresses. 

Can someone tell me what I need to do to get this working?

I don't have accesses to the proxy so I can't reprogram it to forward
connections to the server. 

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