Hello! I installed FreeBSD 5.1-RELEASE recently, on a hard drive that's
split into one 26GB Windows partition, and one 12GB FreeBSD partition
(yes, I know, it's really unfair, but I use the music program Logic from
Emagic a lot, so I have to keep Windows...otherwise, it would be out the

When I installed FreeBSD, the installation program complained that
77504/16/63 couldn't possibly be a correct geometry for the hard drive, a
Western Digital WD400BB-75DEA0. I found another geometry, 5166/240/63,
which I gave sysinstall, and it seemed to accept it. I don't know which
one is correct.

Possibly, that's the reason that my Windows partition has some trouble
booting up. If I choose to boot the Windows partition, all I get is a
lousy blinking cursor, and no response to input (no CTRL-ALT-DEL is
accepted). I can wait forever, and then I have to pull out the power cord.

Now, I want to reinstall FreeBSD and Windows altogether (after finding
some way to back up my 10 GB of precious data). How should I go about it?
Windows first, the FreeBSD? Which geometry should I use?

/Fredrik, Stockholm

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