Is it necessary to modify the Makefile of the samba-devel port on FreeBSD in order to 
build the package with ADS support?  I am not very familiar with the syntax of a 
Makefile, but I can not seem to find anything in the FreeBSD 5.1 samba-devel Makefile 
that talks of OpenLDAP, a requirement to ADS support.  If it is necessary could some 
one help me out with this?

I have tried several times with still ADS support will not compile in.  Also the 
/usr/include/gssapi.h file must be removed before any make (even the just plain 
"make") on samba completes.  I have tried it about 3 times with 3 fresh installs of 
FreeBSD 5.1 and a cvsup.  I think there is something wrong with
the samba port but I am too inexperienced to know for sure.

Has anyone else had this problem?

Thanks in Advance,

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