Hi all
I have this problem. I have 5.1 RELEASE and I would like to provide BIND. But if I 
look netstat -an so I don't look that BIND bind in my ip adress I mean via UDP 
protokol (via TCP is this ok) and if I write sockstat -4 I look the same as above. 
When a trye nslookup and I write some machine DNS server doesn't respond. Any 
parametrs I right setting. When I try via nc to bind 53 UDP port I get negative 
response. My kernel is kompiled with IPFW and IPF but all incomming and outgoing 
traffic is enable. I mean default rule is accept. My konfiguration files is empty. TCP 
ports are works property. I can't send information uname -a because I'am in the office 
and the FreeBSD is in my home.
Will you help me?

Thanks in advance

Have a nice weekend.

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