OS: 5.1R
Mouse: Logitech optical wireless (the one with the rechargeable base station and like 7 buttons)
*(This Mouse Is a usb mouse but i have a usb2ps2 connector that i have.)*
After my install finished (gone well and returned no errors, but i did not set up the mouse yet). So i am going to try to configure the ps2 mouse port.
device " /dev/psm0"
port "auto"
flags "-z 4"
After this i usually reboot the machine,(need to learn how to stop and start the moused from the command line ). Now weather i set the mouse up this way or using /stand/sysinstall, i get the same effect. If i move the mouse around in console mode i notice that it disappears while i am moving it and then reappears in its new position when i stop moving it. So when i startx i cannot follow where my mouse is at because of the blinking problem. This really [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Now i notice if i disable acpi at startup the mouse works correctly in the console mode, but i loose the ability to use my usb ports(figures), and when i try to startx with acpi disabled my mouse is stuck in the top right corner jumping around.

Finally I try to use the mouse in the usb port, so i configure the mouse such as (rc.conf)
moused_port="/dev/ums0" //This Number Came From dmesg.
after a reboot i can c my mouse in console mode and it moves around, but an error occured during init of the rc.config file that reads something like "cant open /dev/ums0, device busy". X will not run returns with an error something like "no core pointer available".

So I have no mouse available in new 5.x series. I have no idea how to fix this, any advice would help out thanx.

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