Roberto de Iriarte writes:

>  I could not help but notice the complaints about the difficulties to
>  get native Java running on FreeBSD.
>  For a change, i wanted to say just thanks for the excellent work,
>  i've found the new patchlevel to be very stable (on libc_r and
>  libkse) and excellent performing (especially on libkse)

        Sorry, but this is apples and oranges.
        I had to install jdk-1.4.1 as part of OpenOffice 1.1; having
done so, I don't actually know that I'll _use_ any of the Java
components.  I am prepared to believe once installed Java works
        But that's worth diddly if installing it takes dynamite, heavy
machinery, and industrial epoxy* ... and there's no listed way to build
OpenOffice without it.
        Don't get me wrong: I'm thankful for the work the maintainers
have put in.  And I have no problem agreeing to the licenses and
downloading various tarballs.  But having done so, I expect this to
be as smooth as any other port build.  Instead, it's been one of the
least pleasant builds I've ever experienced and - yeah, I'm less
than thrilled.

                                                Robert Huff

* - compared to 5 minutes puttering with most other ports.

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