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Peter Terpstra wrote:
Dear readers,

A few weeks ago I installed FreeBSD an I liked it very much, its easier than
Linux I think. No problems with installing/configuring  X or ssh or Postfix.

My questions:
I compiled a new (lighter) kernel and it works great but I found the path
mentioned in dmesg or `uname -v' a bit strange, its the place of compile:

[EMAIL PROTECTED]:~:0>uname -v
FreeBSD 5.1-RELEASE #0: Fri Oct 24 01:12:56 CEST 2003
[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/usr/src/sys/i386/compile/MYKERNEL-K6

Does that mean I cannot remove the old kernel-source?


I did a `configure MYKERNEL-K6;make depend;make; make install' just as
mentioned in the on-line FreeBSD handbook.
Why isn't the path something with /boot/kernel?

Because it's the path of your kernel config file. The actual, compiled kernel is always in /boot/kernel, so it's not really mentioned.

Frequently I get this message on the first console:
arplookup failed: host is not on local network

This means your network is configured strangely, although a lot of ISPs seem to think this is the way to do it.

I searched the inter-net, but I did not found a satisfying answer. is hanging on the inter-net, an FreeBSD has a local IP-adres.
So why this arplookup? What causes this lookup?

You have computers on your hub that have a network number that doesn't jive with the IP/netmask you've assigned to the network card. If you don't care, you can ignore the messages. All it means is that ARP was not able to turn the IP address into a MAC address.

I believe there is a way to disable these messages, but I don't remember
for sure.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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