Howdy list,

A co-worker of mine has a neat little usb pen drive.

I set it up properly in /etc/usbd.conf with this

# The entry below mounts Todd's Pendrive when the Pendrive is plugged in.
# It then umount's the Pendrive when the device disappears.
device "pendrive"
        devname "umass[0-9]+"
        attach "sleep 1 && /sbin/mount /home/todd/pendrive"
        detach  "/sbin/umount -f /dev/da0s1 /home/todd/pendrive"

And it's set up in fstab with this entry:

/dev/da0s1              /home/todd/pendrive     msdosfs rw,noauto       0       0

But, the problem with all of the above is that
the detach command doesn't work because the device
is already removed before it can run umount!

Frequently, I've found myself with two pendrives

/dev/da0s1    122M    43M    79M    35%    /usr/home/todd/pendrive
/dev/da1s1    122M    43M    79M    35%    /usr/home/todd/pendrive

But the first one is a ghost, and if either are umount'd,
my kernel panics and my system reboots!

Is there a way to reliably umount an already disconnected
umass0 SCSI-2 device?


Jesse Guardiani, Systems Administrator
WingNET Internet Services,
P.O. Box 2605 // Cleveland, TN 37320-2605
423-559-LINK (v)  423-559-5145 (f)

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