For the past week or so I've been pulling my hair out trying to diagnose
what's going on with my website.
Prior to that, everything was working perfectly.
I've made no changes that I was aware of.
There is no pattern to this...sometimes I can connect to the web server
over the Internet, sometimes not.
I can always connect to the FTP server over the Internet, so DNS
services appear to be working. 
I have just written my Dynamic DNS service, DYNdns.org, no reply yet.

I called my ISP, they're not blocking inbound connections on port 80.

"lynx localhost" always works on the web server.
"host howse.homeunix.net" always resolves correctly.
"apachectl restart" doesn't help.
Rebooting the web server doesn't help.
I can force an IP update successfully with ddclient.
On my WinXP box, http://curly always works.

Try it yourself: http://howse.homeunix.net
Not working as of 19:05 this date, CDT (UTC -6:00).

What in the world could be happening?

The software setup:
FreeBSD 4.8-RELEASE-p13

The network setup:
Dynamic DNS service: DYNdns.org
ISP: Charter Communications
Cable Modem: Motorola Surfboard
4-port Cable/DSL Router: SpeedStream SS2604 (port forwarding enabled)


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