op de datum 2003-10-24 om 16:09, Bill Moran schreef:

>> arp:
>> Frequently I get this message on the first console:
>> arplookup failed: host is not on local network
>This means your network is configured strangely, although a lot of ISPs
>seem to think this is the way to do it.
>> I searched the inter-net, but I did not found a satisfying answer.
>> is hanging on the inter-net, an FreeBSD has a local IP-adres.
> So why this arplookup? What causes this lookup?

>You have computers on your hub that have a network number that doesn't
>jive with the IP/netmask you've assigned to the network card.  If you
>don't care, you can ignore the messages.  All it means is that ARP was
>not able to turn the IP address into a MAC address.

My situation is: [Internet] -> [] -> []

I don't see yet way I can or should change. Maybe is suppressing the message
the best thing to do?

With kind regards,

        Peter Terpstra

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