> i figured out how to open the 3.5 drive now i need to
> know how to copy the philes from the floppy to the
> hard drive into a directory, than how do i un rar the
> philes? 

1. Copying files from a floppy disk:
  a) mount the floppy (bad floppy might cause a kernel panic!)
     mkdir /floppy (if it does not yet exists)
         mount -t msdos /dev/fd0.1440 /floppy
         Now you can copy the files as usual (cp).
         You can also put the following line into your /etc/fstab and use
         mount /floppy to mount your floppy
        /dev/fd0.1440 /floppy msdos rw,noauto,nosuid 0 0

  b) use the mtools port: ports/emulators/mtools
         Be sure you have this line in your /usr/local/etc/mtools.conf
         drive a: file="/dev/fd0"
         Now you can use mdir, mcopy, etc. just like on MSDOS
2. Extracting rar archives: Use the ports/archivers/unrar port



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