On Friday, 24 October 2003 at 12:47:52 -0400, Alvin Gunkel wrote:
>> Mike,
>> Thanks for the pointers on the fstab file, they solved that part of the
>> puzzle. (and trying to help with the other issues)
>> Greg,
>> Thanks for pointing me to the right part of the vinum manpage...it was
>> indeed the simple fact that I was trying to build the configuration on
>> disk's rather than partitions that was sabotaging the mission!
> I see this has been solved, but i'll throw one more gotcha to watch
> for out there.  Use of 'vinum saveconfig' is a good thing.

It has no effect under these circumstances.

> From the vinum man page:
>> saveconfig
>> Save the current configuration to disk.  Normally this is not
>> necessary,

Please note.

>> since vinum automatically saves any change in configuration.  If an
>> error occurs on startup, updates will be disabled.  When you
>> reenable them with the setdaemon command, vinum does not
>> automatically save the configuration to disk.  Use this command to
>> save the configuration.
> As I was learning to use vinum I made frequent mistakes, disabling
> updates, then built the system, rebooted, and nothing survived ;)
> Had to rtfm a couple of times before I caught that.

Vinum now reminds you every time you enter a command if configuration
updates are disabled.  

The trouble with recommending this sort of thing is that it has no
relevance, and it'll go down in folklore as a solution to all kinds of
problems, when in fact it has a very limited scope and wouldn't have
helped here.

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