Hi :)

I'm having a problem with FAM (file alteration monitor).
Each time I'm opening a folder under KDE (using Konqueror), I get the 
following error in my message logs:

Oct 26 10:36:47 sta01 kernel: pid 8731 (fam), uid 1000: exited on signal 6
Oct 26 10:36:47 sta01 inetd[562]: /usr/local/bin/fam[8731]: exited, signal 6

I tried hacking the configuration file a bit, turned on debug, but got no more 
explicit error message.
Is there anyone using FAM under FreeBSD who does not have these kind of 
erros ?
Thanks in advance.

Antoine Jacoutot
PGP/GnuPG key: http://www.lphp.org/ressources/ajacoutot.asc

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