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On Sun, 26 Oct 2003 14:54:52 +0100, Brian Reichholf <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

i've been googleing on this for quite a while now, and i find it rather
i've just installed mozilla 1.5 from the ports a day or two ago but it strikes me as _very_ odd that when i load up an .asp page that mozilla crashes entirely.

It seems to me that asp wouldn't be directly causing your problem, since it seems like it's more like a scripting language like php than something your browser should directly care about. It's possible whoever wrote these pages only had IE in mind, and it was never tested it on or cared about Mozilla. If it really is crashing on all .asp pages, then that -is- weird.

And I just googled it too, and apparently it might be 'Microsoft Html'
that those .asp pages are generating.

I'd suggest reporting your problem to the actual mozilla people (use
bugzilla or whatever), since they are more likely to be able to fix it then

indeed that is worth a thought, and i see your points, the odd thing is though, that exactly those sites work with Firebird in windows.
i'll install firebird and give it a try to see if it indeed is mozilla.

thanks for the help anyway ;)

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