I have an old dual pentium pro mother board, Elitegroup, ECS P6FX2-A.
It has the sometimes troublesome PIIX3 ide controller.
I am very happy with it running 4 stable for web and DNS and mail. But
the hard disks in it are now too small. So I decided to do it up
totally and put in a 120 GB harddisk.
Since 5 has better SMP I went for that. Maybe I shouldn't have?

The harddisk as such is working for the install. Install complains
about the geometry. I've tried both ignoring that and setting the
correct (vid. what the bios thinks) geometry. In either case, install
goes fine, but when the system reboots, it shows a mountroot prompt.
With verbose logging I get this:

ad0: success setting WDMA2 on Intel PIIX3 chip
ad0: <WDC WD1200JB-00DUA3/75.13B75> ATA-6 disk at ata0-master
ad0: 114473MB (234441648 sectors), 232581 C, 16 H, 63 S, 512 B
ad0: 16 secs/int, 1 depth queue, WDMA2
ad0: piomode=12 dmamode=34 udmamode=69 cblid=1
GEOM: new disk ad0
ar: FreeBSD check1 failed
[0] f:80 typ:165 s(CHS):0/1/1 e(CHS):1023/15/63 s:63 l:234441585
[1] f:00 typ:0 s(CHS):0/0/0 e(CHS):0/0/0 s:0 l:0
[2] f:00 typ:0 s(CHS):0/0/0 e(CHS):0/0/0 s:0 l:0
[3] f:00 typ:0 s(CHS):0/0/0 e(CHS):0/0/0 s:0 l:0
GEOM: Configure ad0s1, start 32256 length 120034091520 end 120034123775
GEOM: Configure ad0s1a, start 0 length 3221225472 end 3221225471
GEOM: Configure ad0s1b, start 3221225472 length 1073741824 end 4294967295
GEOM: Configure ad0s1c, start 0 length 120034091520 end 120034091519
GEOM: Configure ad0s1d, start 4294967296 length 18253611008 end 22548578303
GEOM: Configure ad0s1e, start 22548578304 length 18253611008 end 40802189311
GEOM: Configure ad0s1f, start 40802189312 length 5368709120 end 46170898431
GEOM: Configure ad0s1g, start 46170898432 length 42949672960 end 89120571391
GEOM: Configure ad0s1h, start 89120571392 length 30913520128 end 120034091519

Manual root filesystem specification:
  <fstype>:<device>  Mount <device> using filesystem <fstype>
                       eg. ufs:da0s1a
  ?                  List valid disk boot devices
  <empty line>       Abort manual input


If I type in


everything is fine. It boots. But the machine is to go back in
collocation 40 miles from me. So this is not really a happy situation.

It seems a problem of not recognised geometry. How do I solve that?

(Please keep CC on this, so I get it myself. Thx.)

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