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Hi Q-s..

I've discovered today such a ``pretty'' thing:

...but some history, first:
I am a student, and have ~/src and ~/stu dirs where I work. I have to bkup 
these dirs, so I wrote a shell-script for bkp'n them, and so it creates a 
date-formatted files: with a date format, including ``+%a''.

Till today I've not used localiz'n system,... and files where like: 

But today I ``setenv LANG ru_RU.KOI8-R'', and was fined anough read'n 
familliar russian-localed messages, Till this hour....

I've cron to run my script every 2hr. And I recieve mails every this time. 
Then, some min-s ago I wanted to hand-run this bkp script.. and hi writes me 
a mesg, where the file name was of two parts (separated by a space). And no 
file were created.

I hd-ed the LC_TIME:
%hd /usr/share/locale/ru_RU.KOI8-R/LC_TIME
00000000  d1 ce d7 0a c6 c5 d7 0a  cd c1 d2 0a c1 d0 d2 0a  |янв.фев.мар.апр.|
00000010  cd c1 ca 0a c9 c0 ce 0a  c9 c0 cc 0a c1 d7 c7 0a  |май.июн.июл.авг.|
00000020  d3 c5 ce 0a cf cb d4 0a  ce cf d1 0a c4 c5 cb 0a  |сен.окт.ноя.дек.|
00000030  d1 ce d7 c1 d2 d1 0a c6  c5 d7 d2 c1 cc d1 0a cd  |января.февраля.м|
00000040  c1 d2 d4 c1 0a c1 d0 d2  c5 cc d1 0a cd c1 d1 0a  |арта.апреля.мая.|
00000050  c9 c0 ce d1 0a c9 c0 cc  d1 0a c1 d7 c7 d5 d3 d4  |июня.июля.август|
00000060  c1 0a d3 c5 ce d4 d1 c2  d2 d1 0a cf cb d4 d1 c2  |а.сентября.октяб|
00000070  d2 d1 0a ce cf d1 c2 d2  d1 0a c4 c5 cb c1 c2 d2  |ря.ноября.декабр|
00000080  d1 0a d7 d3 20 0a d0 ce  20 0a d7 d4 20 0a d3 d2  |я.вс .пн .вт .ср|
00000090  20 0a de d4 20 0a d0 d4  20 0a d3 c2 20 0a d7 cf  | .чт .пт .сб .во|
000000a0  d3 cb d2 c5 d3 c5 ce d8  c5 0a d0 cf ce c5 c4 c5  |скресенье.понеде|
000000b0  cc d8 ce c9 cb 0a d7 d4  cf d2 ce c9 cb 0a d3 d2  |льник.вторник.ср|
000000c0  c5 c4 c1 0a de c5 d4 d7  c5 d2 c7 0a d0 d1 d4 ce  |еда.четверг.пятн|
000000d0  c9 c3 c1 0a d3 d5 c2 c2  cf d4 c1 0a 25 48 3a 25  |ица.суббота.%H:%|
000000e0  4d 3a 25 53 0a 25 64 2e  25 6d 2e 25 79 0a 25 61  |M:%S.%d.%m.%y.%a|
000000f0  20 25 65 20 25 62 20 25  58 20 25 59 0a 20 20 0a  | %e %b %X %Y.  .|
00000100  d0 d0 0a 25 61 20 25 65  20 25 62 20 25 59 20 25  |пп.%a %e %b %Y %|
00000110  58 20 25 5a 0a d1 ce d7  c1 d2 d8 0a c6 c5 d7 d2  |X %Z.январь.февр|
00000120  c1 cc d8 0a cd c1 d2 d4  0a c1 d0 d2 c5 cc d8 0a  |аль.март.апрель.|
00000130  cd c1 ca 0a c9 c0 ce d8  0a c9 c0 cc d8 0a c1 d7  |май.июнь.июль.ав|
00000140  c7 d5 d3 d4 0a d3 c5 ce  d4 d1 c2 d2 d8 0a cf cb  |густ.сентябрь.ок|
00000150  d4 d1 c2 d2 d8 0a ce cf  d1 c2 d2 d8 0a c4 c5 cb  |тябрь.ноябрь.дек|
00000160  c1 c2 d2 d8 0a 25 65 20  25 62 0a 25 65 20 25 42  |абрь.%e %b.%e %B|
00000170  0a                                                |.|

You see this -- an extra ' ' in two-bytes' weekdays' abbreviature. In english 
locale it uses three bytes... and format'n the date command can make a 
filename, but now -- I was forced to refuse the ``%a'' format.. It is now 
issue for me. But I have it as an BiG issue in my bkup-system... because of 

Is there any standart on LC_TIME or ..... smth You can say me ``oposite''? :-)

If I'll be able -- I'll be glad to talk to the author of the LC_TIME for 
ru_RU.KOI8-R ............. what hi _does_ think of this.

WBR, Sorry for m-b-ee rougth mesg, CBuH.

Lov'n surprizes P-)
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