At 09:10 10/26/2003, Jim wrote:


At some point in this process however, I get to cvsup, buildworld, and
installworld.  This process re-enables the old permissions on the files I so
diligently locked down.  I would expect there is a flag or include/exclude
file somewhere I need to lookup to prevent cvsup from doing this in the
first place, but like I said, I'm new.

The problem I need help with though, is the fact that I cannot chmod 000
certain binaries after this process (for example: /usr/bin/rsh,
/usr/bin/yppasswd, /usr/bin/ypchfn, etc.).  The following occurs:

# chmod 000 /usr/bin/rsh
chmod: /usr/bin/rsh: Operation not permitted

chflags is what you want man chflags

specifically the schg flag.

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