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>    Im one of the FreeBSD user and am so happy with with ur OS ,, but i
>    have a quesuion ,, i heard that there is an OS of FreeBSD has 56 CDs
>    ,, i mean a FreeBSD for Server consists of 56 CDs ,,, is that right ??
I don't know where you heard that, but it is completely wrong.  56 CDs
worth, at 650Mb per CD comes out at about 35Gb.  You can fit a FreeBSD
system onto a less than 1Gb drive, although a 3 or 4Gb disk is about
the minimum you would want to use if you want all the system sources,
the ports tree, a reasonable number of ported applications and some
space left over to actually work with.

35Gb sounds to me roughly like what it would take to build an archive
of all of the distfiles of all of the ports in the tree, or maybe all
of the precompiled packages built out of those sources for all
contemporary versions of FreeBSD available -- ie. the amount of disk
space required to host a mirror of the ftp.freebsd.org site.  If
anyone attempted to make such a thing available on CD -- first, they'd
be crazy to try and sell it on CD Rom: DVD would be a much better idea
nowadays, and -- secondly: it would be out of date before they could
get the disks pressed, let alone sell them.  Much better to just
download the files as needed from the Internet.



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