On Sat, 2003-10-25 at 00:43, andi payn wrote:
> 4. While running a similar set of services, FreeBSD may be using less
> background processing time. Or maybe not. I definitely see significantly
> lower CPU usage (idling under X, FreeBSD shows about 2-10% CPU, linux
> about 15-35%). However, this may just be an artifact of linux's
> notoriously bad reporting, or the fact that I'm using the O(1) kernel
> and preemptible kernel patches, or maybe something stupid some GNOME
> applet is doing because I configured it wrong under linux; who knows....

Check with top to see which processes are using the CPU. For me, 9 times
out of 10, it's the X server itself taking up cycles for doing nothing.
It won't do it right after a fresh boot, but some program along the way
usually triggers the siphoning of the CPU usage.

Charles Ulrich

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