Wayne M Barnes <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>     I have a private (192...)  subnet on a separate ethernet card.
>     From anwwhere, I want to view a web page being put out by
> of my subnet.  I can (only) view it when I am at my console, but
> I want to view it from home, for instance.
>     What lines in /etc/rc.firewall would accomplish this?
> I was thinking I might come into my public IP address:8080, and
> have web requests to 8080 be [diverted, forwarded, shunted, passed] to
> the web server on
>     I can't seem to satisfy ipfw syntax for this; nor can
> I fathom the man page for ipfw.
>     I would appreciate a sample rc.firewall, if anyone knows this
> situation.

The firewall can't do this.  You need NAT.
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