I'm trying to install FreeBSD 4.9-RC4 on a amd k6/2 333mhz with a seagate 10gb hdd
and 64M ram.
When I partition my hdd and it 'should' start formatting the disk, I get these errors:

"Unable to swap to /dev/ad0s1b: invalid arg"
"Unable to make new root fs on /dev/ad0s1a!"
"Couldn't make fs properly. Aborting"

while i get this in my debug screen :

ad0s1: cannot find label (disk label corrupted)
DEBUG: Scanning disk ad0 for rootfs
DEBUG: found rootdev at ad0s1a!
DEBUG: found vardev at ad0s1e!
DEBUG: found tmpdev at ad0s1f!
DEBUG: found usrdev at ad0s1g!
DEBUG: Scanning ad0 for swap partition
DEBUG: Found swapdev at ad0s1b!

ad0s4: slice extends beyond end of disk, truncating. ...
ad0: cannot find label disk label corrupted)
ad0s1: cannot find label disk label corrupted)
DEBUG: Notify: Making a new root fs on /dev/ad0s1a
DEBUG: Execute command 'newfs -b 16384 -f 2048 /dev/ad0s1a'
newfs: /dev/ad0s1a invalid argument
DEBUG: Command 'newfs -b 16384 -f 2048 /dev/ad0s1a' returned status of 1

I get the same with FreeBSD 4.6-R and 4.8-R, but in OpenBSD 3.3 and FreeBSD 5.1 it
works flawless... I don't understand, isn't there a way for me to install FreeBSD 4.x 

Greetings, Wouter
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