I would like to backup some website directorys on one machine to another
I have read the rsync man pages and some sites but am still confused about
how the command line should be.
I will only run it from the command line every so often.

I have tried several ways but can't figure it out. I guess I am having
issues with how the directories should be listed on the command line.

One the server that is to be backed up the directory is
/home/sites/www.domain.com/web - all files and other directories are below
the /web  and in reading it seemed I should keep the trailing slash off.

on the server that the files will be copied to the directory is
If I understood right the trailing slash should be on this one.

./rsync -ae ssh
[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/home/sites/www.domain.com/web

am I even close to being right ?


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