DavidB <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> you probably have a couple bad blocks on the harddrive, which happens
> over time, you need to scan and repair the harddrive.  If the bad
> blocks reappear rather frequently then you know that the disk will
> fail in the near future.

Correct.  Assuming the hard disk was built in the 1980s.  If it's more
recent, then it almost certainly does internal bad-block remapping on
its own.  That means that if bad blocks are becoming visible to the
operating system, the disk has hundreds or thousands of bad sectors,
and is on its way to the grave.  

This would be more serious if the errors were occurring on writes
rather than reads, but there has already been data lost, and some of
the data on the disk is known to be corrupted.

If the original poster has a hard disk that predates the 486 chip,
then I apologize for having given a possibly incorrect answer.  
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