> What is the procedure to submit a new port when you don't have access to
> a dedicated and highly-visible Freebsd machine on the internet?

You have to configure sendmail (or any other MTA of your choice) to use
a proper mail server (e.g your ISP's) as a smarthost/mailrelay. Perhaps
at least a reference to the according sendmail documentation should be
added to the send-pr man page.

Apart from that effort is being put into bringing a web based submission
form back online (the former one has been disabled since the GNATS
system was heavily spammed).

> I wonder how many people just give up trying.

Good question. Every single volunteer giving up is a pity.

> So, what address or mailing list should a new port be sent to if you 
> can't use send-pr? Should this be documented in the porter's handbook?

IMHO the best solution is to fix your mailing system. If you can't help
it you could try and post your patch to [EMAIL PROTECTED], but I wonder
whether that list will reject your mail, too. Aside from that the
preferred way of submitting a bug report/patch is send-pr.


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